The Real Clinton

A reader writes:

As a loyal Dem, I was angered several months ago by the MSM's sensational and disproportionate coverage of Hillary's cackling on Meet the Press. However, after watching that spectacle yesterday - I've had enough. Her sense of entitlement and "who-does-he-think-he-is" presumptiveness is offensive. Those 15 seconds yesterday were her Howard Dean moment. It wasn't poll tested. Mark Penn didn't tell her what to say. That was HILLARY.

My favorite part, which I didn't notice until the third time I watched the clip: After Hill blurted out "I wanna hear that" and began her roaring laughter, Obama quietly and self-assuredly asks "Oh, you wanna hear that?" - as if to say "Oh really? Do you really want a piece of me?" He then went in for the kill. He's got her rattled. The wheels are coming off and its not a pretty sight.

Another adds:

I think I have given you grief in the past over not supporting Hillary. After the last two weeks, I am disgusted with her. I really hope Obama takes this.