The Moore Award Finalist

A reader writes:

Would you look once again at the Keith Olbermann quote - carefully, this time - and ask yourself whether you really disagree with it.  You haven't minced words yourself when complaining about what 9/11 has wrought in terms of a totalitarian presidency - and torture - and an ill-fated war in Iraq.  You have argued numerous times that President Bush is likely guilty of war crimes.  And it seems to me that you come very close at times to suggesting that what has happened vis-a-vis the Bush presidency is perhaps the worst thing that 911 has wrought.  And isn't Fox news part and parcel of Bush and Company?  Sure - Olbermann can be a bit of a windbag; but he is a refreshing wind bag in my book - especially for being so early and often a MSM critic of Bush and Company.

Alas, the Awards are just for the quote cited. They can be unfair. And you get to choose.