The Money Moment In Des Moines

Many readers have responded to the money moment in yesterday's Democratic debate:

I was undecided up to now, but forty seconds of YouTube has decided me: There's a sword at Obama's throat. Hillary grabs the sword and brandishes it, gloating.  Obama reaches out, takes the sword from her hand, and runs her through.  What an aphoristic moment.  Or as the YouTube commenters put it, PWNED.

In the larger context, this was a grievous unforced error on Hillary's part.  In my eyes, her crowing reaction damages her as much as Obama's comeback benefits him.  All she needed to do was listen politely as Obama squirmed, and the moment was hers. Instead, she reacted like a comic book supervillain and handed a superhero moment to Obama. I don't know who's got an exact count, but I suspect her team this season has racked up the most errors, both forced and unforced.  In sport, that has a lot of significance.  In politics, I think it's about to.

Then this:

I saw the clip you link to on TV this morning, with Obama being asked about all the old Clinton people advising him. You would hear Hillary's laugh rising loud and fake about the rest of the people there. It was stunningly typical of her, and the only way she'll get my vote now is if she's the nominee and McCain isn't.
Well: I think that says more about the awfulness of the GOP choice than the virtues of Senator Clinton.