The Idea Of Huckabee

For many liberals, it's better than the reality. But no one can deny that Huckabee's spend-like-Jesus bleeding heart Christianism has some appeal to the left, as it obviously should:

A lot of us non-Christian liberals have been wondering for some time when if ever the elements of Christian ethics that don't relate to sex were going to rear their heads in the Christian political mobilization. In an era where regular churchgoers are the main electoral prop of the party of aggressive war and institutionalized torture, we're still a long way from that moment. But Huckabee's rhetoric on a few key points seems to nod in the direction of the possibility of something better. It'd take someone else -- someone better-informed , with a better grasp of policy and without the record of setting serial rapists free -- to actually deliver on that promise, but I think there's no denying that it's promising.

What Matt means, in large part, is redistributionism. And that's what I fear.