The Energy Bill

Good news, I'd say:

One of the bill's most valuable and least-discussed features is the more than $6.5 billion in energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) funding the bill appropriates for the next decade, including $1 billion for renewable energy programs and $2 billion for carbon capture and sequestration RD&D, both spread over the next 5 years.

Unleashing the private sector would be preferable, but I see no real response to climate change that doesn't include a technological breakthrough and some basic government research can help. Plus: phasing out incandescent bulbs! Of course, Malkin is pissed. There aren't other examples of government meddling worth more concern? Drum weighs in here. My favorite response:

When I was I kid, I maybe thought that by my old age (I'll turn 61 in 2020) I'd be flying around like the Jetsons -- I never guessed that society would long for a Ford Fiesta.