The End Of The Clintons?


A reader writes:

After watching your post, I am convinced that what you saw was Bill Clinton realizing he is no longer going to be running the Democratic Party. Even if Kerry had won, there still was the chance of another Clinton presidency. If Senator Clinton loses, then their 15 year run has come to an end.  I think the country is ready for the end of the 25 year run of the Bush's and the Clinton's.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their service to the nation, but it is time to move beyond them. Judging by his performance last night, my guess is their internal numbers look far worse than the public polls.

I'll add, I am a Reagan Republican who has never voted for a Democrat for any office.  Depending on the campaign Senator Obama runs, that may end this year. If he proposes sensible reforms for Medicare and Social Security and has a strong policy towards terrorism, I think he wins big.

A blogger on the African-American blog Jack and Jill comments:

The sense of ENTITLEMENT REEKED from Clinton during the Charlie Rose interview. And, that is exactly why he, and his wife, need to be sent packing... This is as nice as I can be. There was another undercurrent in that interview, but maybe I'm too ' sensitive' as a Black person and picked up on it. If any other Black folk saw the interview, maybe they'll tell me if they picked up on the undercurrent too...

You mean: who the hell does this "uppity negro" think he is? Even I picked up on that one.

(Photo: Mario Tama/Getty.)