Ron Paul Or John McCain?

Some Republicans, deciding on the issue of character and integrity, as well as revulsion at the recent evolution of the GOP, have come to see the choice as McCain or Paul. I'm not a Republican, but in thinking through the GOP candidates, I'm down to those two as well. Brad Porter wrestles with the issue here. His conclusion:

Would Ron Paul make the best President? How likely is he to ever actually be a factor? I don’t know. I don’t care.

I do know that I have very little voice left in this party. I have no more worries about electability or partisan concerns, not with how much ideology has already been thrown under the bus for those ends, to the point where what’s left is hardly recognizable. So when I speak, I want to make sure that I’m voting for a real change, that I’m voting to register in a clear voice my disgust and my desire for a new, old direction. To that end, though I like John McCain a lot, I’ll vote for Ron Paul. And my conscience, believe you me, will be totally clean.