Quote For The Day II

"It might be too late for Hillary. This is all over the black blogs and on black radio. Her campaign was wrong to do this. It’s tacky to go after him for using drugs in high school and college. It’s another thing to claim that somehow, that makes him a drug dealer. Of all the politicians who have come out and admitted experimenting with or using drugs at some point in their life, I’ve never ever heard of one being assued to have also been a drug dealer. Liberals love to rag on the Republican party and their use of the “southern strategy”, but how is what Hillary’s people doing any different. It’s not different at all. In fact, it’s worse. At least the republican party doesn’t pretend to be friendly towards people of color.

From what I’m hearing, this is hurting her in the black community. This apology means nothing. Her guy never should have said what he said and implied what he did, period," - a commenter on the NYT blog, The Caucus.