NRO's Double Standards

A reader writes:

Note this. Almost exactly 24 hours after the K-Lo "editor's note" about Smith. And how many posts were there on the Corner about Smith? Zero. And yet McCarthy saw fit to GLOAT about Beauchamp?

Also, note Malkin's characterization of the Beauchamp articles: "bullcrap". Nowhere in Foer's piece do I see any indication that there is any proof that the facts in Beauchamp's articles are false, only questions about positive proof that they're true (this has been the issue all along, of course). But in Thomas's case, plenty of other people in the area (including ideological fellow travelers) have flat out said that Thomas is a liar.

I know it's hard to believe that the Corner has a double standard, but...

Instapundit finally weighs in. I wonder who is going to accuse NRO of being traitors and who's going to organize ad boycotts.