Neocons On The NIE

Gabe Schoenfeld didn't get the Hadley memo:

In other words, the latest NIE is not a rock-solid judgment, and as we have already seen in a number of other dramatic instances, even the intelligence community’s rock-solid judgments might not be solid at all.

NPod must have had a conniption. Hard to disagree with Joe Klein:

This puts a stake in the heart of Podhoretz et al...but it also obliterates what the entire Republican presidential field has been saying about Iran for the past year. And, with Iraq quieting, it means that the election is more likely to focus on domestic concerns, which favor Democrats--that is, as long as the real Al Qaeda, the threat that Bush has been studiously ignoring, remains quiet.


One obvious implication: whatever slim chance there existed of a U.S. military intervention in Iran over the next 13 months just got way, way slimmer.