Mexico's Britney and the Virgin

A reader writes:

"Lounge singer"?  You have no idea.

That is Lucero (formerly Lucerito), the Mexican Britney Spears. She began her career at age 10 as a character on the Mexican equivalent of the Mickey Mouse Club television program, and has released more than 60 recordings and acted in more than ten full-length films and soap operas. Like Madonna, she's transformed her image from cutesy child celebrity to teen sex idol to interpreter of traditional Mariachi-style ballads like the one she sang on that YouTube clip.  She's currently married to another Mexican celebrity, Mijares.

Imagine a grown-up, less racy Britney Spears performing a ballad in honor of the icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the Mexico City basilica, and now you know what effect that video really has.