That's the scoop. Tomorrow, in a bid to cause the netroots' heads to explode, Joe Lieberman will endorse a Republican for president in New Hampshire. Marc writes:

The endorsement could help McCain with independents in the state. Combine that with news that Rudy Giuliani is scaling back his advertising buy there, that the Boston Globe endorsed McCain, and that McCain's rivals are spending most of their time in Iowa.

Mike Allen notes:

The announcement looks like an effort to stem a stream of independents moving to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)

McCain is already enjoying a mini-surge in New Hampshire, which is not Huckafriendly. This could help bring more momentum. But it may not help McCain nationally, reinforcing his maverick, bipartisan independent appeal that the Christianist base suspects so much. It seems to me more generally to be the solidification of that sliver in national politics that still believes that the Iraq occupation has advanced the security of the United States, and is still eager for the occupation to become permanent. It also seems to me to be another piece of good news for Clinton. She has to prevent Obama from becoming a dominant figure in New Hampshire. His appeal to independents could sink her campaign. McCain has just helped her. Whether he has done so in a tangible way in this campaign has yet to be shown.