Lieberman-McCain Reax

Some bloggy reax: Larison (blech), Scott Johnson (yay!), Brody (hmmm), Jim Johnson (grrr), and Rick Moran:

This would almost certainly put McCain within striking distance of a shocking victory - a win that may very well deliver a crushing blow to the Romney campaign.

In my dreams. Reding:

McCain has some real momentum behind him now, and as 2003 demonstrated, the guy who's languishing in the single digits can become the frontrunner overnight.

Uncle Jimbo:

National Security, Smaller Government and Judges are my issues. Both McCain and Lieberman are very solid on National Security, and I don't know that either would be too bad on the other two as well. The fun would be how this would mess with the Congress. They could play both ends against the middle and just the total disruption of the status quo would be healthy for our democracy.