Kristol On Clintonism

A new meme from the right:

She might be easier to beat than Barack Obama or John Edwards. She might take positions that are a little less distant from this magazine's views than Obama or Edwards. But the last few weeks have reminded us--and, we suspect, many other Americans--how little we should want the Clintons back on the center stage of American politics...

It will be good for the country to be able to move on, sooner rather than later, from the Clintons and their brand of politics. If the Democratic primary electorate brings this about, THE WEEKLY STANDARD will be first to say something we are not accustomed to saying to the Democratic party--thank you.

Mirengoff adds:

Until recently, I thought that the nomination of Hillary Clinton was virtually a done-deal. But her decision to attack Barack Obama's character, as opposed to his lack of experience, has changed my view. The defining moment for me was the reference to Obama's kindergarten "essay."

Clinton still has a pretty healthy lead over Obama in parts of the country where voters haven't seen much of the candidates. But where voters have seen Hillary up-close, that level of familiarity has bred something like contempt.

Who hasn't she ticked off this past week?