Huckabee On Gay Commitment

Here's his attempt to explain why he's not a bigot:

What one's sin is, means it's missing the mark. It's missing the bull's eye, the perfect point. I miss it every day; we all do. The perfection of God is seen in a marriage in which one man, one woman live together as a couple committed to each other as life partners. Now, even married couples don't do that perfectly, so sin is not some act of equating people with being murderers or rapists...

Now if you accept that gay people are involuntarily such - and Huckabee does not deny that in the interview - then what are we to do with our lives? The Catholic church has a theory of natural law that insists that all sexual acts be open to procreation. If you buy that, then most heteros are similarly damned most of the time - for the same reason that homos are damned all the time - unless we castrate ourselves. But Huckabee's church has no such theory, and allows contraception. So what is the argument against gay relationships here?

To get personal: My husband and I are "a couple committed to each other as life partners." But, according to Huckabee, unlike heterosexual couples, we are unable to be anything but sinners. Why exactly? Because we are gay. I can see no other argument here. Not only that but Huckabee would amend the very constitution to ensure that we can never have any legal protections as committed life-partners - making it part of the meaning of America that gay people are beneath heterosexuals as citizens and human beings. So it does not actually matter to Huckabee how we live our lives. We can be committed to one another or alone or promiscuous or anything in between. We are still inherently sinful in a way no heterosexual can be. Monogamy and commitment are no less evil than a bathhouse in Huckabee's eyes - arguably more evil because we are challenging the notion that only heterosexuals are capable of the virtues of marriage.

This is Huckabee's "truth". It's what Christians once said of Jews. It is the antithesis of the Gospels, where Jesus clearly and unequivocally preached solidarity with every human being and championed and embraced the socially marginalized as the inheritors of the kingdom of heaven. By further marginalizing gay people, by writing us out of any equal moral existence as sexual and emotional beings, Huckabee is actually attacking the message of Jesus, not affirming it.