How The NIE On Iran Could Foil Clinton

It's hurting her, I'd say. Why? Two words: Kyl-Lieberman, the dumbest thing she has done in the campaign and perhaps the vote that will one day be seen as the moment she lost the nomination. Edwards goes for the kill, allowing Obama to stay a little more on the high-ground:

"We have a real division here. I mean, among the Democratic candidates, there's only one that voted for this resolution. And this is exactly what Bush and Cheney wanted," Edwards said.

The NIE makes Clinton's Kyl-Lieberman vote look much, much worse. She thought she was already in the general election. But more than that, the vote shows how her basic parameters are still deeply political and totally absorbed by the need to deflect Republican criticism from the right. This is the defensive crouch of the Dems since the 1980s. She can't come out of it at this point in her career. And by staying put, she is unable to change to suit the times. If she loses this will be the reason why. And it's a good reason.