Hell In Des Moines

God, I'm glad I didn't sit through that one. I gave myself a flu-pass. But here's the potted blogreax: Wolcott:

The glossiest domino is Mitt Romney, of course, who does himself no favors by getting testily anal about how much time he's being alloted, though he's a portrait in deportment compared to Alan Keyes, who seems to have stored up a pissload of anger, resentment, and righteous petulance until the right camera opportunity came along for maximum martyred posturing.


Romney and Huckabee were like two cultivars of fine Iowa maize.

Best line - Thompson's on the moderator:

I am not sure how these other candidates plan to defeat al-Qaeda when they can't even take on Carolyn Washburn. The format of this debate was more of a joke than a Mike Huckabee foreign policy answer.

Oh, and breaking news: K-Lo thinks Romney won! No word yet on who Hewitt thought did best. You'll just have to wait for that one.