From The Mouths Of Babes

A reader writes:

I’m an administrator at a small private high school just outside Washington, DC.  I was recently observing a 12th grade Government class having a seminar. The topic under discussion was the Bush doctrine of pre-emption. The teacher, as he sometimes does, began this particular discussion by laying out the pro-preemption point of view (I happen to know this teacher’s politics lean liberal, and I have always been impressed that the students in his seminar have no clue where he really stands politically; he wants then to form their own opinions).

The students discussed the alternatives to preemptive strikes and invasions. They came up with many, from the plausible to the naive. My favorite comment came from a student known for having fairly conservative views:

“Man, the Bush doctrine,” he said, “that’s just lazy.”

Hadn’t thought of it quite that simply before. Couldn’t really rebut it, in retrospect.

Applies to torture, as well. Lazy and stupid.