Email From Iowa

I guess anything can happen:

I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I have attended rallies by all of the candidates, save Obama, this week.  Edwards rally was small and unenthusiastic. Biden was mesmerizing, and drew many prominent Republicans from the area. Biden has some real potential in Eastern Iowa. He will draw away from Hillary. I saw Hillary last night and she sounded so, well weird. She was trying to lay out a calm, modulated case, but ended up just being boring. There were upwards of 500 people there, but as a staffer pointed out to my sister, who is from Minnesota, " I can't find one person here from Iowa!"

If you really want to know what is going to happen in Iowa, fasten your seatlbelt. This is the prevailing wisdom on Iowa, as heard in the parking lot at a Hillary event, " Is this who you are going to caucus for?", an elderly man said to another elderly couple. " I don't know. We're gonna go see Dodd tomorrow and Obama on Wednesday. I won't know till I walk in the door on Thursday."

I am for Obama, my daughter works for Edwards, my husband leans Hillary and most of my friends are for Kucinich, Richardson, and Biden. Husband, wife and daughter, sons all over Iowa are supporting various people and believe me there were probably many holiday arguments in this state this year! Stay tuned!