This story in the WaPo has aroused my Kausian fears:

At least 1,035 Americans in four states have been infected so far this year by the virus, known as an adenovirus. Dozens have been hospitalized, many requiring intensive care, and at least 10 have died.

Health officials say the virus does not seem to be causing life-threatening illness on a wide scale, and most people who develop colds or flulike symptoms are at little or no risk. Likewise, most people infected by the suspect adenovirus do not appear to become seriously ill. But the germ appears to be spreading, and investigators are unsure how much of a threat it poses.

I'm still not recovered from this flu. Every time I think it may be abating, it kicks back in. My lungs rattle, my sinuses are plugged, fever comes back and forth. Today, I had three bouts of insane breathless coughing. A round of anti-biotics - to deal with my usual bronchitis/asthma - didn't help; and I've spent much of the week resting physically - if not mentally. I'm going in to the doc as soon as I can get an appointment. I'm not anywhere near as sick as some of the people in the article, but I've rarely felt a virus refuse to give up like this one. Except, of course, you-know-what.

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