A reader writes:

You said on the Brian Lehrer show that Hillary has worked for 35 years on behalf of Hillary Clinton. That is a lie and another example of your psychotic hatred of Hillary. The fact is that Hillary was the head of the Children`s Defense Fund; in Arkansas she was on a task force that helped raise educational standards for children and was not afraid of taking on the challenge of providing health insurance to everyone as first lady.

What has Obama done except demonstrate his out-of-control ambition? He was a community organizer but that was in the black community. What he has done for whites?

In your puff piece on Obama you quote an excerpt from a speech given by Obama describing his religious conversion and praising the reverend Jeremiah Wright the minister of the Trinity United Church of Christ, the church which Obama attends. What you neglected to mention is that the Trinity United Church of Christ is a militant black church and Wright ( who is a friend of Louis Farrakhan) is so controverisal that Obama had to disinvite him when he announced for president.

The fact is that Obama, unlike Colin Powell, is not an assimilated black. Although raised by white grand parents as an adult he has strongly identified with the black community as first as an organizer and then state Senator. Furthermore his wife Michelle  appears to have a chip on her shoulder when it comes to whites.

Americans are not going to vote for someone because that might appeal to people of color and Muslims around the world. Americans vote for someone that they can relate to and feel comfortable with and that is not Barack Obama.

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