Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

You wrote:

"You mean: who the hell does this "uppity negro" think he is? Even I picked up on that one."

Oh come ON. Whatever your opinion of Bill and the Rose interview, there was nothing in the exchange that in any way suggested a specifically racial slant to Clinton's argument. Nothing. Point out one thing Clinton wouldn't plausibly have argued if his wife's challenger was white but equally "inexperienced". If a Clinton supporter read gender discrimination into an attack on her in the way you're reading race into Bill's swipe at Obama, you'd be crying foul immediately.

There's a case to be made against the Clinton campaign, but your arguments are sometimes really ridiculous - to the point that the enormity of the bias against her undermines the credibility of some entirely legitimate criticisms that can be leveled against her.  I loved your argument for Obama, but this kind of thing is precisely what sways her half-hearted supporters to become whole-hearted defenders.