Ambers says Edwards and Clinton did better than Obama:

Because Clinton and Edwards repeatedly wove their answers into a larger argument, and Obama generally kept his answers to his answers. He did well though. No calls, Chicago. No calls.

Heading Right demurs:

1:34 - Chris Cillizza wonders whether Hillary has a do-or-die moment today. If so, she’s dying. Dull, unimaginative, and somewhat cold.

The focus group seems to love Obama. Chuck Todd says Obama got the YouTube moment and Clinton failed to break out:

Obama looked genuinely stumped by that question from the moderator regarding all of the Clinton advisers he has on his team and wondering if that was truly a "break from the past." It was actually an interesting question, which he dodged, but Obama won the moment when Hillary was heard, "I can't wait for this answer," and he jabbed, "I look forward to you advising me too."

Sorry: I walked the dogs.