Clearing Up The Emails

Morrissey, interviewing K-Lo, writes:

Mitchell Prothero and Chris Albritton claim they both e-mailed NRO in October with their challenges to the story. However, Albritton used the e-mail for The Tank, not NRO's editors; Prothero may or may not have done the same, but Lopez got neither of them, nor did any of the other editors. One might have assumed that The Tank's published e-mail address would go to Smith, but in fact it went nowhere. Kathryn reports that NRO cannot find any evidence that the published e-mail ever got assigned to anyone. Only when Edsall contacted her directly -- her e-mail appears on her posts at The Corner -- did she start checking the story, and rapidly tried to respond.

This made me crack a smile:

Kathryn said that she didn't think Smith intended to mislead or to create fabulism, but simply got burned by a source with an overactive imagination.