Balking At The Ad Hominem

A reader writes:

In the span of a week and a half, Clinton and/or her surrogates said that Obama is or might be:

    * Muslim (Iowa Clinton campaign volunteers)
    * Drug dealer (Billy Shaheen)
    * Drug giver (Billy Shaheen)
    * Gifted television commentator (Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose)
    * Chef (Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose - see quote below)
    * Plumber (Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose - see quote below)
    * Hasn't "actually done things for people" (Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose)
    * Less black then Bill Clinton (Ambassador Young)
    * Am I missing any others?

I'm a centrist Independent who's managed to go from "So tired of Bush that I'd vote for Clinton if she beats Obama" to "will never vote for Hillary under any circumstances." If Obama or Edwards doesn't get the Democratic nomination, I grit my teeth and vote Republican.