An Email From Iceland

A reader writes:

As an Icelander I can testify how much this story has hurt the image of America in Iceland. This was all over the news last week and Eva has been on the biggest talk shows in Iceland telling her story. The effects of a thing like this is to enforce an increasingly negative image that Icelanders have of America. This negative imaged is a direct result of the actions taken by the current administration on issues such as the torture of prisoners and refusal to do anything about global warming. This is very sad development because Iceland used to be very pro American and the relationship between the countries has been very friendly. Still not everything is lost and the apology that the Department of Homeland security offered to Eva was well received.  I can however say for sure  that 95% of the population is hoping that America does a lot better when it picks its next president.

On the other hand, here is a voice from the Republican base:

As someone who is increasingly and unapologetically isolationist in my attitude towards trade, immigration and global policing, I feel no sympathy for her.  Let's translate her pity party in every language so future potential visitors understand one thing loud & clear:   Follow our laws, or go home in disgrace.

One thing people like me have to understand: the core of today's GOP is not merely indifferent to this kind of abuse, it actively supports it. Just as it actively supports and endorses torture. It's one reason I feel so alienated by the Republican party I once felt some loyalty and affinity for.