All Over The Place

James Poulos looks at various blog-responses to this week's GOP debate and sees nothing but wild incoherence and continuing conflict:

Fascinating, that is, because on the basis of these observations some possible facts emerge:

(1) McCain isn't fading anytime soon, though he'll only win if the others kill each other off;

(2) Huckabee is for real because he has a real constituency -- Fred Thompson's plus Gersonites;

(3) The Ron Paul wing(s) of the Republican Party are now irreversibly present in GOP politics;

(4) Mitt and Rudy maintain their death grips on one another at their peril.

…it's the Huck-Paul exchange on honor that really captures the major fissure in this race, in the GOP, and probably in the country -- and it runs right through both parties...

The big question to me now seems to be who's the anti-Huckabee, other than Ron Paul?

I think it's clear that the Republicans will run on staying in Iraq indefinitely. And that could well be their undoing.