A Random End-Of-Year Favorites List

Hey, it's my blog. Herewith some highly personal favorites from 2007.

Most under-rated movie: Zodiac.

Best movie: Into Great Silence.

Best TV series: Sunrise Earth.

Best Cultural Commentary: "The Imaginationland Trilogy," South Park; "Fundamental," Pet Shop Boys.

Most Under-Rated TV show: The Soup.

Guiltiest Pleasure: Judge Judy.

Best Books: "Farewell To Alms" by Gregory Clark. "Takeover" by Charlie Savage.

Most Under-Rated magazine: The New Republic.

Worst Online Development: That Awful Vlogging Period.

Funniest Blogger: Chris Kelly.

Strange New Respect: John Derbyshire.

Best Magazines: The Atlantic, New York, Wired.

Biggest Disappointment: Mickey Kaus.

Most Under-Rated blogger: Will Saletan.

Best Columnist: George Will.

Most Under-Rated Columnist: Roger Cohen.

Best Magazine Essay: Kenneth Anderson's "Mormons, Muslims and Multiculturalism".

Best Campaign Bloggers: Marc Ambinder, Ben Smith.

Best Moral Compasses: Scott Horton, Hillary Bok, Anne Applebaum.

Best Group Blog: My readers.