A Guitar Hero Epiphany

An eye-witness account of a teen nailing the most difficult song on Guitar Hero in a Best Buy. Yes, kids these days ...:

There is complete silence. Even my son is staring slackjawed, like he does in church during communion, not understanding the content of the ritual but understanding the tone and sacredness of the space. At just over 6 minutes, the song becomes even more ludicrous. While actually playing it will ever remain for me an uncrossable gap, I am enough a student of the form to recognize the crux. He is Lance Armstrong approaching the bottom of Alpe D'Huez: Will he attack? Kyle has yet to use the Star Power crutch he has carried throughout his meditation. He continues to ignore it.

If you're curious what this looks and sounds like:

Merry Christmas, dudes. Hat tip: Kottke.