A Christmas Gift For Dish Readers

'Tis the season for the shameless pitch:

What is so timely about Sullivan's book, and why it should be read closely by liberals as well as conservatives, is its embedded firsthand report on the widening ideological cracks in the house Tcs2 that Rove built a building that Rove used to boast was permanent and impregnable, and that Sullivan now makes look like a tottering fixer-upper," - Jonathan Raban, New York Review Of Books.

"Andrew Sullivan has been more honest and more open-minded than just about anyone else on the right ... This is Sullivan at his wonderful best," - David Brooks, New York Times Book Review.

"Sullivan was one of the very few conservatives who repudiated Bush and the Bush movement when Bush was still popular... The Conservative Soul highlights the true philosophical and psychological roots of the Bush movement - its first principles - and reveals just how rotted those fundamentalist roots are. It does this as well as, if not better than, any other book has done," - Glenn Greenwald, Salon.

"I don't read a lot of books (any actually) that have the words "conservative" or "liberal" on the cover but "The Conservative Soul" is not a fire-breather or a back-slapper or a bunch of anecdotes strung together to mock the other side. [It's] a fucking book with a capital fucking B. I think a lot of people in America are going to be better for reading it. I know I am," - Matt Stone, co-creator, South Park.

You can buy it as a Christmas gift here and here.