"I'm So Tired Of Being Afraid"

Oprah has nothing on Michelle. Nor does Hillary:

She has the potential to be as transformational a First Lady as her husband would be a president. The opening for black America in particular is immeasurable. I know many of you think I've become a shill for the Obama campaign. So be it. I admit to a visceral response to the Clintons and their machine. But it isn't just visceral. It's a function of watching and following them very closely for many years. They have many, many qualities. They are both extremely talented. But they are also deeply flawed and would in my view, be terribly divisive for the country. I guess my elbows have been a little sharp with respect to Clinton. But I make no apology for throwing myself into this Clinton-Obama struggle. After these last few years, it seems to me to be an epic battle between fear and hope. I think we need more hope right now and less fear. We need fresh voices, not exhausted and bitter ones. We need to believe in America again. Clinton cannot do that. Obama can.

I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. You don't have to read this blog. And I don't have to write it. My emotions sometimes get the better of me. But if you are an Iowa Democrat, do yourself a favor and listen to Michelle Obama. Don't throw this chance away.

Hat tip: Ambers.