"Goodbye To All That"


A reader writes:

Your article on Barack Obama helped crystallized so much of my current thoughts (and fears) around this election. I live in an exceedingly liberal place (Seattle) where stark bumper stickers with the message "01/20/09" are common.  The message implies, Just Hang On. But what are we hanging on for? 

A Hillary Clinton presidency would certainly moderate the policy platform in Washington.  But as you point out, it would wildly inflame the so-called "Culture Wars".  And then there is the horrible thought ... what could be worse than another four years of George Bush? It might very well be Rudy Giuliani.  And, how do we get religious conservatives to vote for a Giuliani? Run him against Hillary.

Like most people, my concerns about Barack Obama stemmed primarily from his relatively junior standing as a national political leader. After reading your article and looking at the logic and timing of his candidacy, I'm more than swayed.  I now have a new bumper sticker.  Obama '08.