The Weakness Of Romney

Huckabee's surge in Iowa suggests to me that Republican Christianists prefer a genuine representative rather than a fake one:

But almost half of Huckabee's supporters (48 percent) said they would definitely vote for him in January and only a quarter said there was a good chance that they would change their minds before the caucuses. In contrast, just 29 percent of Romney's backers said they would definitely vote for him, while 42 percent said there was a good chance that they could vote for someone else at the caucuses.

Huckabee also represents the most authentic heir to Bush: a soft-headed, spend-like-Jesus big government liberal, with a strange weak spot for torture and permanent occupation of the Middle East. The tragedy is, it seems to me, that Romney is a very capable executive, a pretty decent guy, and an obvious potential president - except that he sold his soul to the Christianist right. In the end, that kind of expediency comes back to exact its own revenge. If he fails in Iowa, what momentum he has could crater.