The Real McCain

A great new ad:

Pete Abel likes. As does K-Lo. I had a chat with McCain in the green room at ABC News this weekend. He seemed on great form and in fine spirits. I have to say that, although I'm under no illusion as to the limits of the tactical successes in Iraq, I didn't expect the surge to be this effective at reducing violence, because I trusted Petraeus' previous metrics. But McCain was right, and he deserves credit for it. I find myself wanting him to be the nominee more and more. He's deserved it. And he is the one Republican who won't needlessly exacerbate polarization. Imagine an Obama-McCain race: adult, graceful, necessary, and good for us. On torture and climate change, McCain is also a rare Republican prepared to embrace reality rather than base-bluster. Maybe he's going to become the Kerry of this election cycle: dismissed as old hat for months and then newly relevant in the weeks before the primaries. Here's hoping. The GOP could do a lot, lot worse.