The Hathos Of K-Lo

A reader writes:

I enjoy reading The Corner because, like most Americans, I prefer my warmongering from real men like Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg.

What I don't enjoy, however, is reading the adolescent cheerleading of Kathryn Jean Lopez. And by that I mean I do enjoy it, because it's the closest thing to humor you can get on a site like The Corner.

But I'm still trying to figure out what her purpose is over there. Perhaps you can explain it to me, because virtually all of her posts can be boiled down into these three categories:

1. Look what I read today! (Link.) Perhaps you'd like to read it, too! (No added comment, because she's got nothing to say.)

2. Look what Mitt Romney said today. (Link.) Isn't he awesome? (This makes up roughly 85% of her work.)

3. Look who died today. (Link.) R.I.P., please pray for his/her soul, our hearts go out to the family of blah, blah. (This one works for anyone from obscure television stars to conservative journalists that no one has ever heard of to former Reagan administration officials who hated communism more than you ever did. ... that no one has ever heard of.)

PS - Stem cells are people, too.

Am I missing something?

Not much. She's not related to any senior conservative macher, unlike so many others in the conservative establishment, so that doesn't explain it. But she does most of the work, I think. I hope this isn't taken as a recommendation that she cease blogging. There's a hathetic quality to her teenage blurts that remains compelling.