The Base vs Romney




Maybe Hewitt should have thought of this before injecting theology into politics years ago:

"I have voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election to date (I’m currently 41 years of age), but will not vote for Romney if he is the nominee. Mormons embrace the blasphemous notion that each of them (if deemed worthy enough) can, one day, become god of his own planet…As an evangelical Christian, I would have no trouble voting for a Catholic or a Jewish candidate, and would even consider voting for an atheist, but can and will never vote for someone whose ambitions include becoming god," - Mike Butz, emailing Fox News.

Amy King: "You’d better believe that I refuse to vote for a man without the personal character to withdraw from a racist, sexist organization, and I'm very nervous about turning over the most powerful office in the world to a man who thinks he's going to become a god and collect trophy wives in the Celestial Kingdom."

I think theoconservatism is busy refuting itself. It seems to me a shame that a largely competent, decent, Rockefeller Republican like Mitt Romney should be a victim of the party the Christianists have constructed. Compared with Giuliani, he is a blast of adulthood.

(Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty.)