That LGB Poll

A reader writes:

You know, I’ve always been willing to cut the Human Rights Campaign the benefit of the doubt, both because of that cool bumper sticker (you know the one), and more importantly. because of their support for ENDA, which I’ve always thought of as more important than marriage. Hearing about this poll, though, really gives me pause. I have been out for 25 years now, and in all that time, I’ve met exactly two men who have consistently described themselves as bisexual. The rest of the handful of “bisexual” men I have met were in the middle of coming to terms with their sexuality and quickly dropped the term “bisexual” in favor of “gay.”

There is no possible way that that poll could be representative of reality. None. And I say that as somebody who has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan, where we used to spend many a happy hour proving this kind of thing mathematically. If you tried to waltz this kind of sample past your dissertation committee, you’d be laughed at. Calling this a “poll” is like Vladimir Putin calling the exercise they’re currently engaged in in Russia an “election”there are superficial similarities, but unlike the real thing, the outcome is too certain and the intent quite transparent.

I'm sure you could somehow find enough bisexuals to fill half a sample and call it the "LGB community", but it would be no more representative of any actual gay population than a bunch of Zoroastrians. Still, the poll managed to back Clinton, so it served its purpose.