Should We Dump Musharraf?

Daniel Markey argues for holding our nose; Hussain Haqqani disagrees:

By abandoning Pervez Musharraf, the United States could signal that it will not tolerate Pakistan becoming "Myanmar lite," a nation permanently dominated by its military. Once Washington makes it clear that it will no longer support Musharraf, Pakistan’s military will have to start negotiating with the country’s political parties and civil society instead of dictating to them.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of ambivalence on this thread of Pakistani commenters and bloggers after the Kayani news. Here's one vent:

The "deals" with the Tribals, the pipeline with Iran, opposition to any sanctions against Iran, Chinese investment in Gwadar, the imposition of the emergency itself - all of these indicate indicate that Washington can not make Musharraf do squat, unless Musharraf feels it is in the interest of Pakistan.

Random factoid: Kayani "president of the Pakistan Golf Federation with a handicap of 18."