Rudy vs Huckabee?

It would be a fascinating race if that's what it turns out to be. A reader writes:

It is urban vs. rural, lapsed Catholic vs. fundamentalist Protestant, North East v. Deep South. On the issues, it breaks down along those lines. Look at how they stand on trade, taxes, guns, gays, abortion, healthcare.  They both symbolize parts of the GOP that hate each other. After all do you really think guys who work on Wall Street want to hang out with the Values Voters, or vice versa?  If it comes down to these two against each other and it gets nasty that could really divide the party for a long time.

But Huckabee represents the future of Rove's sectarian, big government party, and Giuliani the conservative past. The only thing keeping Rudy alive, I think, is his authoritarian appeal to the Jacksonian "bomb-em-round-em-up-and-torture-them" wing of the GOP. So the two natural developments of the Bush years - massive spending and untrammeled executive war-power - find their two representatives. And if you're a traditional conservative, you feel like slashing your wrists.