Pundits For Rudy

Ponnuru counts them:

The Giuliani bandwagon includes conservative commentator John Podhoretz, New York Post columnist Ryan Sager, American Spectator reporters Philip Klein and Jennifer Rubin, and the editors of the New York Sun. Several writers affiliated with NR or National Review Online are also on board. David Frum and David Pryce-Jones are formally affiliated with the Giuliani campaign. Richard Brookhiser has endorsed the former mayor’s run, as has Lisa Schiffren. Deroy Murdock regularly turns out supportive commentary.

Murdock is the columnist who argues that Americans should be proud - proud - of torturing prisoners. Just an appetizer for next year if Giuliani wins the nomination. it will be a campaign, I predict, whose central pillar will be deporting immigrants, waging war, and torturing prisoners. And it will have a powerful resonance for the Fox News base.