Post-Stephanopoulos Clinton Nugget

I just found out that the Clinton campaign contacted the Stephanopoulos show before the airing this morning to ask who would be on the round-table to counter me. I'm flattered. But, jeez, I'm just a writer. It's not like I work for a candidate, or, have ever worked for one like the, er, host. (Who, as a journalist, I might add, seems extremely even-handed to me.) As for balance, Cokie Roberts made a case for Clinton as a feminist change-agent on the show. Whether she or I were persuasive enough is for the viewers to judge.

Maybe the Clintons are merely concerned that some of the arguments in this essay are gaining more traction out there. If so, good. If you're interested, "Why Obama Matters" can be read here, or is available on newsstands in the new Atlantic.