Open-Source Weather Forecasting!

As Cartman might put it, why the fuck not? The concept of (mad props on the name, btw) is fascinating:

The site launched just a few weeks ago, and represents a new approach to weather forecasting based on the wisdom of crowds in short, the notion that a bunch of people (both expert and amateur) predicting the weather will make better predictions in aggregate than single sources alone.

This sounds more dubious:

You can predict the weather yourself. When you make prediction for a particular time and place, the site will go check all of its data sources and record what really happened, and give you a score based on how right you were. It could turn out that a random person is a better predictor of the weather than a professional meteorologist or organization. That person could even be you. Since the site will be tracking the accuracy of all of this, you’ll be able to see who is more right, and follow them.