Obama and Whites

A reader writes:

That was the best dissent of the day? Ouch. I would love to see the others.  Really. I'd love to know the depths of strangeness that your inbox fills with. I'm weird like that.

Rebuttal to the dissent: As an independent, I don't need to relate to Sen. Obama. He is a half-black lawyer with a disjointed childhood, I am a pasty white computer nerd with a stable family, and it is not going to happen. Obama actually has figured out what the Democrats have been blind to all this time. 1.) Show up  2.) Give me a reason  3.) Do not try to enamor me.

Democrats are so afraid I won't love them if they do something unpleasant.  I guess they don't know that I will never fall in love with them - ever - yet still I have this elected seat I need filled.

I am pretty sure that Obama, a very young post-identity crisis civil rights lawyer, is still the front of the pack because he is not wasting his campaigning time pleasing everyone, instead spending that time articulating a post-43 argument.  So the small groups -- those that are invisible, those that are expensive to appease, those that are underpopulated -- are coming to him of their own volition.  Cost-free to the campaign.

Your dissenter does have part of a point that your hatred of Hillary is a little over the top.  But I can tell it is not that you dislike the person; it is that she is the pinnacle of Democratic appeasement and cynicism.  I'm with you on that.  Her career is tarnished with the many small things she has done to hedge her career, and it is very hard to like her.  On the opposite side, it is very easy to like a first-term Senator that's taken his career over the cliff just for a singular notion.