NPod and the Gays

Brian Doherty notices an interesting nugget in this piece on NPod's view that it is always 1937 and he is always Churchill. If you didn't know that the Podhoretz family - Midge and Norm and JPod - are pathologically homophobic, this will help jog your memory:

In Podhoretz's view, "the best people looked to other men for sex and romance," and as a result, didn't much like them being killed by the score on the Continent. "Anyone familiar with homosexual apologetics today will recognize these attitudes."

Tying things back into the 1970s, Podhoretz pointed to the "parallels with England in 1937" and warned that "this revival of the culture of appeasement ought to be troubling our sleep." (A correspondent in a subsequent issue of Harper's would admit that he "had not previously realized that Winston Churchill fought the Battle of Britain almost singlehandedly while England's ubiquitous faggotry sneered and jeered from below.")

Ubiquitous faggotry? Heh.