McCain's Worst Moments

That stupid and ugly use of the troops and the idiotic idea that our current Middle East policy is somehow in danger of becoming another version of the 1930s. Over to you, Larison.

It seems to me that McCain's passion on torture has peaked as his belief in the "surge" rises. It's as if he knows he cannot be anti-war and anti-torture at the same time and win over Republicans. But the problem is: he is so wedded to a maximalist Iraq strategy that he would be very vulnerable next year in a general. There are a number of fair-minded Americans happy to hope for the best in Iraq; but I can't see more than a handful who actually, at this point, think of it as something we'd do again if we had the chance of a do-over. McCain is giving the impression that it's another great advance for mankind. Wishing doesn't make it so, alas.