Love and Divorce

A reader writes:

When you follow the link to the Christian post on the merits of divorce, the examples given are extremely black and white. Leaving a sick, abusive, or simply uninterested spouse is a no-brainer.  It takes two people to make a marriage, so logically if one person emotionally opts out, there is no real marriage.

But sometimes marriages just die. In my own situation, my husband and I went through a series of major crises that we simply did not have the resources to recover from as a couple.  We loved each other and wanted to stay together, but ultimately realized that we could not take care of each other.  I fought very hard to keep the marriage together but in the end realized that I could not hold my partner hostage to a failed relationship.  I had to let him go so he could make a new and hopefully better life for himself.  When I explained this to my girlfriend (who happens to be a therapist) she commented, "That's love."