A reader writes:

Re: your post on the LGBTQRSTZ community. Well, you don't live in San Francisco. I do business and socialize with lesbians, gay guys and trans people of both persuasions on a regular basis, and we do, indeed have a community. Just because you don't live in one doesn't mean that none exists. Don't opine about things which you know nothing about.

Another explains:

What T's have in common with LGB's is that primary opposition to all of you comes from your subversion of proper, binary, complementary gender roles.  You may be quite different from the inside, but from the outside you look similar.  I heard my southern baptist grandfather give a sermon in which one of the ills of the modern world was "men not wanting to be men."  I'm pretty sure he had gays in mind.

Surely you know this.

If we are defined by those who hate us, LGBT makes some sense, although it could also include straight women who don't conform to traditional roles, straight men in the same position, and so on, which would mean LGBTSFSMQ or something. My point is that the respective experiences of being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender are very distinct and different. And I do not define myself primarily by shared victimhood. Indeed, as many angry LGBTQWhatever readers have insisted, I am not a victim. I am a privileged, white sexist patriarchal rich HIV-positive-with-meds guy. So why, then, pray, am I still regarded (in your acronym at least) as a part of your "community"?