Leave Clinton Alone!

A reader begs:

If you can just relax a little on the Hillary-is-Satan crusade, I can stop grinding my teeth when I read your blog.  She's probably my least likely choice for the nomination, but if I have to read any more about tips or plants, while FEMA is holding a press conference with itself, and the whole squad isn't immediately fired for doing so, I may have to vote for her just for good old spite.

Perspective, priorities, eye on the ball. This current crowd can do a lot more damage before they leave office, and it's all many orders of magnitude worse than anything that any administration has done at any time in the past, in my humble opinion.  These are your side's renegades, so they're your side's special responsibility.  That's your first job.  It's not good enough to mention their horrendous transgressions and then go back to pantsuit fashion reviews.  You've got to clean your own yard first, and you've got to finish the job before you look over the fence.