Huckabee On Torture

Not so fast:

For the most part, Huckabee told reporters after speaking in Cedar Rapids on Thursday morning, U.S. policy ought to be to "never support anything done to others that we would not want done to our own soldiers."

As to waterboarding, "I would defer to John McCain for this simple reason: John McCain has been tortured and nobody else running for president has,'' the former Arkansas governor said. "I'm not about to stand on any stage in America and act like I know more about torture than John McCain does."

What does "for the most part" translate to? This:

Huckabee would leave decisions about the appropriateness of the technique "because of a unique situation" to commanders in the field.

If it's illegal, it's illegal. No commander-in-chief grants commanders the power to overrule the laws of war. But his position is better than Giuliani's or Romney's.