Hewitt vs Hewitt

Compare and contrast:

"I think Bill [O'Reilly] asked the governor [Huckabee] if he really believed in Adam and Eve.  The answer doesn't matter to me so much as what the question represents:  A huge breach in the previously widely respected understanding that such questions are not asked of presidential candidates and, if asked, politely turned aside as inappropriate in a nation built on the premise that religious tests are unconstitutional in law and that politics is best kept very clear of theological disputes appropriate to church debates and academic settings," - Hugh Hewitt, November 1, 2007.

"If you know a Roman Catholic bishop or priest, please pass this along to him with a request for a response. If they don't mind, ask them to copy me on the response at hhewitt@hughhewitt.com.

John Kerry is the second most visible American right now, and the most visible self-identified Roman Catholic in the country. The most influential newspaper in the world, the New York Times, reported on Tuesday that Kerry had issued the equivalent of a new catechism for the Roman Catholic Church. ... The New York Times helpfully added that "Mr. Kerry apparently meant John XXIII, as there is no Pius XXIII." Too bad the paper couldn't explain the rest of Kerry's absurd statement, or add more detail to the new Kerry Catechism of Convenient Catholicism.

It will be interesting to see if the hierarchy of the American Roman Catholic Church allows this statement to go uncontradicted. If what Kerry says is true, then the Church really doesn't care if its members advocate for wide-ranging abortion rights and receive Holy Communion, despite the bishop of St. Louis' instruction to Kerry to refrain from the sacrament on that bishop's turf.

I am not familiar with those documents of Vatican II to which Kerry refers, and would appreciate direction to them. Perhaps they are in the small volume of works by Pope Pius XXIII," - Hugh Hewitt, April 7, 2004.